At CATEYE Technology, we understand the variation in company’s system security levels and the risks faced by them.  Our security consultants conduct in-depth analysis in order to understand the level of business risks and accordingly develop customized security improvement programs. We cover all the 4 layers of the IT infrastructure and Applications to address the security measures.

  • Network Security
  • Internet Security
  • End-point Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Application Security

Our security experts follow – Prevention, Identification and Solution Approach to tackle vulnerabilities in applications in order to build a high level of resilience within the organization. Our holistic security solutions and outlook helps organizations to adhere to security and privacy legal compliances, along with gaining competency in infrastructure and application security.



This is the First Line of Defence that we plan for our client’s IT environment. Cyber attackers plan data breach with a malicious intention. We have to understand the reasons of this breach that could be an external attack, internal system malfunction, bug or an error. One of the crucial entry point for external threat is the IT gateway through which the system connects to the Internet. Our first line of defence focuses on maintaining up-to-date security at this level with extra layer for business transactions with critical information.

  • Endpoint protection
  • Network Protection
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection


In the Second Line of Defence, our team focuses on containing and combating a compromise. We plan this defence in a way such that if and when the systems are cracked, we follow a systematic information risk and incident management regime. Our plan contains well-laid out protocols that have to be followed to manage the response to any incident that the company faces. This approach helps our clients to prevent the attack to spread further into the organization by fighting back and neutralizing the attack, leading to quick recovery.

  • Advanced protection through intelligent monitoring of detection
  • Endpoint detection and response


Incident Response and Breach Management services provide defences, detection and response to threats, minimizing financial implications on your business. Digital Forensic Service is based on electronic discovery tools and techniques used to determine and reveal data on the phishing and hacking cyber attacks. We help our clients to identify the root cause of the incident and help to protect and secure the critical information from unauthorized access.

  • Incident Response Management
  • Forensic As A service
  • Malware / Spam-ware Analysis


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