At CATEYE Technology, we believe that cyber security for an organisation is not just about technology, but also about day-to-day tasks, procedures, functions and the internal set-up. Our methodology ensures that our clients get secure to the core and we work within the organization to establish an environment and culture that is resilient and prepared to combat potential threats.

We deliver holistic security solutions to protect the businesses of our clients and manage imminent risks, while the organisation can focus on increasing visibility, presence and customer interactions and gain competitive advantage. Our intelligent security services understand the importance of focusing on making organization adaptable to evolving adversaries which leads to a secure internal environment.

With a shift towards cloud, there has been an upsurge in number of threats faced by companies in recent times. To have the cyber security systems and processes in place is the only way to mitigate the risks and ensure business continuity.


With digitization, presence of cloud, multiple devices and high mobility, the system becomes conducive for increased attacks and frauds. With a team of highly experienced security consultants, we focus on preparing the environment to combat any threat that can come its way. As the experts have awareness of industry, function and system specific attacks that are commonly faced by companies, it becomes easier for them to fool-proof the systems against such threats reducing the chances of occurrence thereof.


Once we are aware of the probable attacks and vulnerabilities, our team devises a security solution with various levels of protections against expected and unexpected attacks. Our services include comprehensive advisory and managed security services to mitigate breaches. We help our clients comprehensively from monitoring and detection of threats to implementing a response management program. As these cyber attacks are versatile, our team creates an intelligent cyber resiliency plan that is adaptable to keep up with such adversaries.


When we analyze the impact of an attack, we make examine it with a holistic point of view. Among a few impacts to businesses, some of them are impact on revenue, downtime, reputation, and data leak impact to business and its customers. To minimize the impact, we will chalk out cyber resiliency plans and SOPs to be followed by employees to manage response to breach when it happens.

While developing a response plan, we ensure that breach prevention and intrusion detection tools are used so that it is identified in time and response is instant. A meticulously planned strategy results into resilience and timely response, leading to minimizing the impact and financial implications for the company.



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