At CATEYE Technology, we provide IT Security Audit Services to our clients through which organizations can test and assess their overall security posture and maturity level. As breaches and data theft can have shattering business outcomes, it is always advised to maintain your organization’s security environment beforehand and build resilience in the environment.

Our experts use a custom, pro-active approach to regularly perform diverse security tests on networks, applications, APIs and beyond. We use the same methods to assess your systems, as a hacker would to get a real-time analysis.

  • Adequacy of Security System
  • Effectiveness of Security Training
  • Uncover Extraneous Hardware and Software
  • Flaws by new technology
  • Regulations Compliance proof


Our Security compliance experts will first assess your concerns and needs, and will help you understand your risk profile and gaps. It is important for an organization to always be up-to-date and comply with the policies and security mandates to avoid waste of time and resources in penalties and fines. Our services provides our clients with a streamlined roadmap to accurate and complete compliance. Regulatory compliance adds value to your organization as the customers interact with the business with complete peace of mind.


Our Security Consultants help assess the financial implications of an attack in terms of loss of revenue or damages caused to business and its stakeholders. We follow a systematic approach to identify, analyze, evaluate, and treat loss exposures. Here we follow a simulation based approach and follow RCA technique to deter further threats. We also help construct a governance model with an objective of adding an extra layer of protection to prevent breaches and monitor risk control and financial resources to moderate the adversity of loss.

  • Phishing attacks
  • Email compromise situation
  • Data Leak Situation


Our consultants help in developing a Business Continuity Plan to support clients sustain the internal or external incidents establishing a process and plan to ensure quick and effective response. In case of an incident, we manage the response in such a way that there is no or minimum interruption in critical business functions. This improves a company’s ability to provide acceptable service levels even during adversaries, minimizing the impact, continuing business operations and maintaining reputation and revenues.

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Continuity Testing
  • Incident Recovery Planning


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