CISO On-Demand - As A Service

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for building the right Information Security strategy for the company, while ensuring secure round the clock availability of information. In current business environment, digital footprint is expanding which increases the risk of leak in information or getting hacked. With this constant risk, having the right security system and policies in place is a requisite for organizations. As decision to hire a full-time Information Security Officer can have its own challenges, we offer CISO as a service to meet the security needs of the organization, overcoming complications. Our On-demand CISO can offer not just expertise but also flexibility and adaptability, meeting the comprehensive security requirements of the organization while eliminating the challenges faced otherwise.


Difficulty in attracting senior talent due to low affordability and technological complexity. It makes hiring a full-time talent impractical for companies too.


Businesses need the right IT security strategy to be able to deal with threats as you scale your technology-enabled business. To become competitive and maintain high standards, it requires both expertise and experience.


An organization needs a leader to inculcate the security mindset and culture in the company and manage career progression of the team, which leads to attracting future talent.

What to EXPECT


For businesses that are technology intensive, having robust and meticulous Information Security system, policies and processes is crucial to safeguard the organization from a potential hacking and to also ensure legal adherence and compliance.


While you may have the systems in place to monitor your organization's technology, managing the captured events by these systems is crucial. A robust methodology and a thorough security management process should be defined to deal with unexpected security threats.


With a shift towards cloud, there has been an upsurge in number of threats faced by companies in recent times. To have the cyber security systems and processes in place is the only way to mitigate the risks and ensure business continuity.